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Enersense is a creator of zero-emission society with roots in Finland. Our diverse services help enable the success of Nordic and international industrial, energy, telecommunications and construction companies. We convey know-how, provide sustainable solutions and ensure a quality outcome for projects of different sizes for our clients. There are 2,400 people building a more sustainable and cleaner future at Enersense and we have operated in about 40 different countries.

Case Olkiluoto 3 NPP, Enersense has employed over 2 000 project experts during the project – partnering with the largest contractors on the site. We have developed an unique project control and nomination process in the E-Sense service platform. Enersense’s Service Team has audited all of the companies working on the site. We have been one of the largest resource providers throughout the project collecting over 21 000 energy experts in our CV database, local and global specialists. We have proven to be a flexible and confident project management partner and specialist to all major contractors onsite.

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Jussi Holopainen
Managing Director
+358 44 517 4543

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