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Geological Survey of Finland

Internationally oriented governmental geoscience research agency – The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), founded in 1885, is an internationally oriented governmental geoscience research agency.

GTK offers its customers and stakeholders geological expertise to promote new business activities and sustainable growth. GTK responds to the challenges of sustainability by identifying and inventorying mineral resources for developing material needs as well as offering solutions for environmental protection, energy use, infrastructure development and land use planning. Furthermore, GTK offers diverse expert services, continuously developing digital services and a broad range of laboratory and survey services.

GTK has been closely involved in the nuclear energy sector since nuclear power became part of Finland’s energy production and especially when the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel became under consideration in late 1970’s. As an independent research body GTK produces geological and geophysical information and carries out site investigations for power companies and authorities to support decision making and safe implementation in nuclear energy sector. GTK has exploited the experience gained in this sector during the past 40 years in several NPP and disposal projects at home and abroad.


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Hannu Lahtinen
Head of Unit, Bedrock Construction and Site Assessment
+358 40 732 2250

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