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  high-level nuclear waste

Posiva is the leading organisation in nuclear waste final disposal

Posiva is the leading organisation in nuclear waste final disposal. Posiva Oy is the global forerunner in industrial final disposal of high-level nuclear waste. As the first organization in the world it constructs a deep geological repository ONKALO ® in Olkiluoto, Finland.

Posiva is responsible for the final disposal of the spent nuclear fuel of its owners, nuclear utilities TVO and Fortum. Posiva is also in charge of research and development work regarding the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel as well as the construction and operation of the encapsulation plant and the disposal facility.

After a long site investigation period, Posiva applied for a decision-in-principle for the facility. It was ratified by the Finnish Parliament in 2001. The world’s first construction license for a deep geological repository for spent nuclear fuel was granted to Posiva in 2015. Posiva started the construction of the encapsulation plant as well as excavations for
the final disposal repository in 2016.

Prior to starting of the actual final disposal of spent nuclear fuel, an operating license application process has to be completed. The final disposal begins in mid 2020’s.

Due to Posiva´s role as implementer, Posiva has comprehensive first-hand experience in the field of spent nuclear fuel final disposal.

Posiva Solutions Oy is a company fully owned by Posiva. It focuses on the sales of the know-how and technologies Posiva has since 1978 accumulated from its design, research and development activities in final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. Posiva Solutions helps
its Clients to save time and money in their own final disposal projects as well as to find optimized solutions for safety, environment and society. Posiva Solutions has Clients in more than ten countries.


Mika Pohjonen
Managing Director
+358 40 525 1417

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